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NicheSoft is a Database Technology company which has expertise in various databases such as SQL, NOSQL, and Open source. Our world class experts provide apt data technology consultation based on your organization needs. All our DBA experts are on top of the bleeding edge technology that are being used in the industry and help shaping up new trends to maximize returns for the clients.


24x7 DBA  support


On-Site or Off-Shore Support or Hybrid Model


99.9% SLA governed Support and delivery


Flexible Engagement Model


Skill gap support on various Data Base Technologies.


Cloud Migration Support and Service


You can avail NicheSoft Data Warehouse professional services by filling up contact form and our sales team will be in touch with you. Our proven processes will deliver utmost reliable, scalable and secure Data Cloud solutions available in the industry.


Exceed Client Expectations in all aspects of service delivery.

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Cloud native DBs







We support all the Cloud native databases. Though the DB’s are managed by cloud providers, we provide customized solutions to control cost, tuning, DB Architecture related services.

The NicheSoft cloud-based solutions, MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas, tackle the hurdles involved in sustaining optimal performance of MongoDB. Certain MongoDB setups encounter issues such as heightened downtime and availability problems. Moreover, recruiting adept MongoDB DBAs and ensuring round-the-clock support coverage can prove to be expensive and intricate undertakings.

  • MongoDB DBA services

  • Cloud and On-premise support

  • Upgrade and migration services

  • Performance Tuning 

  • 24x7 monitoring

  • Backup and Disaster recovery services

  • Atlas support

  • Migration to cloud or Atlas services

We offer 20+ years of experience in Oracle database administration and Cloud migration to OCI and other clouds. Our experts will assist you in smooth functioning of your business by taking care of DBA tasks completely at significantly lower cost.

  • Oracle Databases and cloud database support

  • Database monitoring and Health checks

  • Database Backup 

  • Disaster Recovery Management

  • Upgrades and Patches

  • Cloud Migrations and Assessment

  • Security Services

By engaging NicheSoft  MySQL DBA experts you can reduce cost, improve efficiency, Secure your Data. Small or Large data, we take care of your MySQL DB with our seasoned professionals to support and deliver your project needs. Our team takes care of complete MySQL DBA support and you can focus on core business operations. Following activities are in the scope of our support.

  • Database Architecture and Support

  • Oracle MySQL and MariaDB Database Development

  • Performance Tuning and Optimization

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Patch Upgrades and Security fixes

  • Cloud Migration Services and Consultation

  • Database Automation and Security Services

  • SQL Server Configuration for the customized environment

  • SQL Server Upgrades from 2012 to 2019 releases.

  • Security Upgrades and Assessment in Cloud.

  • Disaster recovery

  • High Availability (HA)

  • Performance tuning and 

  • Data Backup

  • Automation for routine tasks and customizations

  • Cloud Migration to DBaaS or Azure SQL Database


Postgress SQL

Engage the Postgress SQL DBA professional at NicheSoft to lower your expenses, enhance your effectiveness, and safeguard your data. Regardless of the size of your data, our experienced professionals will manage your Postgress SQL DB and meet your project requirements. Our team provides comprehensive Postgress DBA support, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations. The activities within the scope of our support include:

  • DB Architecture and Development

  • DB Monitoring

  • Performance tuning of  Database

  • Database Upgrades and Security Upgrades

  • Migration to Cloud AWS (AWS Redshift)

  • Migrating from other database to Postgress SQL

  • Setting up open source Data Platform

  • Security and 

  • Scaling support


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