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Migration of DB2 to Oracle

Updated: May 9, 2023

Project Description:

At a higher level, the project involved PS upgrade and DB migration. We were involved with migrating DB2 to Oracle. The data from DB2 to Oracle had to be migrated without any transformation. The data was migrated with 100% accuracy between source and target using Oracle Heterogeneous Gateway.

Project Details:

  • Number of databases : 1

  • Total number schemas involved for each DB: 1

  • Data Size: 1+ TB

  • Tables: 100+

Project Duration:

6 months

Team size:

2 members

Tools used:

Oracle Heterogenous Gateway and Customized data comparison tools

person seeing a laptop
Data conslutant

Migration strategy:

A parallel environment was created for Development, QA, Staging and Production. This enabled us to go- live and perform the parallel environment testing with high accuracy levels. This also gave the customer a high degree of confidence to go-live with the new environment. This included functionality, performance, and data accuracy. Monitoring was enabled and validated for different scenarios before the go-live activity.


  • Data Types

  • Security requirements

  • Character set used at database level

  • Data migration performance

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