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Migration of MSSQL Database to Mysql Database on Cloud

Updated: May 9, 2023

Project Description:

This was the database migration project wherein we had to migrate MSSQL database to MySQL database which has large number of objects like Tables, Procedures, Triggers, Function and Views with minimal downtime. The go-live was done with minimal downtime which was within the scheduled maintenance window defined by the customer.

Project Details:

This project was huge in size and had following objects:

  • Number of databases on MSSQL server – 8

  • Total number of schema involved for each db: 1-3

  • Number of tables – approx. 1000+

  • Number of database objects (Procedures, Triggers, Function and Views) – 1500

  • Database size – 10TB

Project Duration:

4 months

Team size:

8 members

Tools used:

Following tools were used to complete this database migration project:

  • Amazon DMS

  • MySQL Workbench

  • Customized tool

  • Streaming technologies for delta data migration after initial load.

  • Data comparison tool

  • Schema comparison tool

Women seeing laptop in server room
Data consultant

Migration strategy:

Database migration project was divided into following phases.

Planning Phase:
  • Scoping

  • Requirement gathering

  • Business knowledge

  • Consequence of failures

  • Project timelines

Migration Phase:
Data migration was done on staging env initially followed by Production env. Required validation was performed from our side and application was pointed to migrated Mysql database. Production migration was planned after successful PDV and confirmation.

Migration was completed using following steps:

  • Database object migration

  • Data migration

  • Change Data Capture setup – This is to handle delta data migration until go Live.


There were several challenges faced during this project migration.

  • Database object code was very lengthy.

  • Database objects has reference to objects from other databases.

  • Character set issues

  • Data Migration challenges

  • Native function conversion

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